Helping those in need of basic vision care

 Nelson Mandela called education “the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”   80% of learning is visual!


Thanks for helping us support Optometry Giving Sight

  • If you booked an appointment on October 10th! Both Dr. Heidi Webster and Dr. Meghan Hildebrand donated 100% of their exam fees for that day.
  • If you referred a new patient between September 9th and October 10th we donated $5 for each new patient.
  • Most important,  thanks to those who put ice cube in the buckets! For each $5 donation you added an ice cube to our bucket and voted for who it was dumped on.
  • With your help we raised $1,500 for Optometry Giving Sight with our World Sight Day activities.

Optometry Giving Sight is a global fundraising initiative that specifically targets the prevention of blindness and impaired vision simply due to the lack of an eye exam and a pair of glasses. More than 600 million people around the world are blind or vision impaired because they do not have access to the eye examination and glasses they need. Your donations allow Optometry Giving Sight to fund the solution by supporting programs that:

Local optometry students trained in programs supported by Optometry Giving Sight staff an outreach clinic in Malawi

Train local eye care professionals and Establish vision centres for sustainability to Deliver eye care and low cost glasses

OGS_NeverLimitChildOptometry Giving Sight empowers people like Loid Semente (right), who is one of the students training to become an optometrist with the Mozambique Eyecare Project. Loid will be one of the first optometrists in her country. She is passionate about optometry because of the significant impact it can have for the people of Mozambique. In her words, “Sight is empowering. For some, access to eye care is the first step towards getting an education, or providing for your family.”

Throughout the year

  • We donate $5 for every glasses frame purchased at our office.
  • We also have a selection of books available by donation in our waiting area.
  • Cash donations are always welcome.

Since partnering with Optometry Giving Sight in 2007 our doctors, patients and staff have raised over $40,000 to help people in the developing world have access to the eye care and vision correction they need.  Dr. Heidi Webster, our owner, has participated in several eye care missions in Africa and has seen firsthand the need for eye glasses and optometric training in the developing world. “I’ve had a chance to personally help a handful of people. But through supporting Optometry Giving Sight, we can help thousands,” said Dr. Webster. “I am delighted to continue Victoria Vision’s partnership with Optometry Giving Sight. World Sight Day Challenge is a great way to raise funds to help people who don’t have access to even basic vision care.