If we have a current contact-lens prescription on record for you at our clinic, call or click here to request replacement lenses and/or solution.

Professional Contact Lens Expertise
The optometrists at Victoria Vision Eye Care have extensive training, continuing education and experience  in contact lens prescription and professional fitting. When selecting contact lenses for you, they have access to hundreds of lenses from an extensive number of large and small manufacturers in Canada and internationally.

Areas in which our doctors excel include:

  • Fitting patients with contact lenses for the first time.   Through trial fittings, scheduled follow-up checks, eye health reviews and consultation with the patient, they will ensure that the new wearer sees beautifully, feels comfortable and avoids any potential problems over the years.  Teenagers benefit greatly from the eye health follow-ups where the importance of hygiene and handling are regularly addressed;
  • Refitting people who have “dropped-out” of contact lens wear due to discomfort, dryness or poor vision.  With the support and expertise of our dedicated doctors, most people could wear contact lenses either part-time or full-time.   Many people have never had access to the specialized and custom contact-lenses designs that they need to be successful in contact lenses.   Did you think that you cannot wear contact lenses because of your astigmatism?   You probably can.   Other people struggle with poor comfort because an underlying yet readily-manageable eye health issue such as blepharitis was never addressed.
  • Fitting people into multifocal contact lenses.   Many of our long-term contact-lens wearers don’t want to start putting reading glasses over their contact lenses to see up close.   Other 40-somethings, who begin have problems with their distance and close vision for the first time in their lives,  prefer to avoid wearing progressive spectacle lenses by moving directly into multifocal contacts.   Our optometrists enjoy the rewarding process of fitting these baby boomers with the sophisticated multifocal contact lenses designs.
  • Do you want beautiful green, blue, violet or hazel eyes?   Our optometrists and Canadian-certified Optometric Assistant,  Barbara Darling,  who specializes in contact lens patient training and care,  would be delighted to help you to try the gorgeous new colors available in our office.   Your optometrist will ensure that these lenses are appropriate for your vision and eye health.