Introducing Eyefoods: A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes

Dr. Heidi Webster

Nutrition and health have always been important to me.  As an optometrist, I know that certain eye diseases are strongly linked to diet and nutrition, so I had been thinking about how to make it easy for people to eat for their eyes (and as a result, for their general health). When I found out about Eyefoods: A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes, I was thrilled. The book I had toyed with writing had been published! It provides a comprehensive overview of specific foods and how they relate to eye health. In the back, there is a guide to what specifically to eat on a weekly basis in order to get a therapeutic dosage. The book even includes recipes!

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in natural treatment for macular degeneration or dry eyes, or in simply keeping their eyes healthy, consider getting this book as a gift.