Did you know that one in five children has a vision problem?

We recommend that every child have a professional eye examination by an optometrist before the age of three. Parents should bring their child in very early if there is a family history of eye or vision problems, or if they notice anything unusual with respect to the appearance of the child’s eyes or the use of their vision. Community-based and school screening tests are useful to detect severe vision problems but are not sensitive or comprehensive enough to substitute for a proper eye examination.

In this video, Dr. Tao explains why small children need eye exams.

Parents are often surprised at how ingenious, patient and playful our optometrists are with their little ones. We are flexible and accommodating to each child’s developmental stage and their mood that day! Our pediatric exam does not require that your child can read or even speak. We enjoy seeing infants and tiny toddlers. Our doctors delight in showing your child that an eye examination is a fun and fascinating experience.

For extensive information about children’s vision, check out the ab-See program on the BC Association of Optometrist’s website.